Welcome to milesinthemiddleeast.com and welcome to world of points and travel in the Middle East. This page is focused on bringing news and insight to travel in the Middle East with special focus on earning and redeeming miles and points.

I have lived and worked in the Middle East for over four years now and, in that time, have travelled as much as possible. Like most people, I loved the idea of travelling in the premium cabins and staying in the expensive rooms and suites in the huge number of luxury hotels in this region but there was one problem… Who wants to pay a months’ salary to do so?! That’s where my hobbies come in!

There are very few things I enjoy more than checking out hotel deals, getting upgraded flights for the price of an economy ticket and generally holidaying in luxury. I guess you feel the same! If so, you have landed upon a little gem here at milesinthemiddleeast.com. Grab a drink, get comfy and come on in to find out how your next holiday can be even more amazing than you could hope…

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